SGM Analytics


Measuring & helping Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE)

Network Analytics

Existing tools available to operators in the area of Network Analytics and Customer Experience Management (CEM) focus on measuring and managing Network KPIs.

Our Advanced Network Analytics Solution seeks out issues in the network that cause bad service quality and helps the engineering team fine tune the network to deliver excellent Service Quality and User Experience.

Advantage of our Network Analytics Solution:

  • Network Analytics Solution helps the Telecom Operators
    1. In continuously monitoring their network to improve “Quality of Service (QoS)”
    2. In assessing network performance
    3. In finding patterns and predicting service degradation
  • Offered as complete solution
  • Multiple internal products combined together to give complete solution
Better Qos to Customers
Better Qos to Customers
IoE/IoT data monetization
Decisions based on Data
Focussed Root Cause Analysis
Focussed Root Cause Analysis